The team at Wine Network are well-qualified and experienced practitioners in the wine industry. Wine Network Consultants provide advice and support to a range of wine and viticulture businesses, from the single operator, a boutique winery to large commercial operations.

This may involve assessment of fruit on the vine; winemaking advice in all aspects of the process from fruit to bottling; wine quality improvements;  benchmarking of products;  benchmarking of winery procedures and practices;  optimisation of winery or vineyard performance – including wine and fruit quality, costs of production and other issues.



Through the diverse background and skills of the Wine Network team of consultants and associates, we have the capacity to manage a wide range of projects for the wine and beverage industry. Projects range from small-scale expansion through to full winery establishment.

We recognise that most winemakers may not have the resources to manage their own projects and may require assistance from an organisation that understands their total business. In addressing their specific needs we may take on one of three roles:

  • Advisers to the winemaker/owner who is choosing to directly control the project development. In these cases we provide an independent third-party assessment of the project at all stages;
  • As an integral part of the project team working closely with the architects, builders, contractors and other participants. In this role we are the winery owner’s representative on the team responsible for developing the winery to suit their production requirements;
  • Overall project managers for the delivery of turn-key wineries in accordance with the client’s budget and time restraints.

Wine Network projects include some or all of the following elements:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Operating and capital cost estimation
  • Equipment specification, sourcing, procurement, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance;
  • Design and installation of winery processes, refrigeration, effluent treatment, packaging and other services;
  • Development of start-up and operating procedures;
  • Operating personnel recruitment and training;
  • Contract preparation, negotiation and execution.

We are currently involved in the establishment of several small to medium-sized wineries in Victoria and are providing advice on several other projects. Some past projects include:

  • Heathcote Estate, Central Victoria (500 tonne)
  • Stoniers Winery, Mornington Peninsula (500 tonne);
  • Palandri Wines, Margaret River (2000 tonnes and now expanding to 5000 tonnes);
  • Voyager Estate, Margaret River (750 tonnes);
  • Balgownie Estate, Bendigo (300 tonnes);
  • Millbrook Winery, Jaradale (250 tonnes);
  • Kooyong Estate, Mornington Peninsula (250 tonnes);
  • Rosevears Estate, Tamar Valley (250 tonnes);
  • Willow Creek, Mornington Peninsula (200 tonnes).


Wine Network Consulting provides wineries with a range of services aimed at optimising wine quality, operational efficiency and business sustainability. As a group, Wine Network consultants have decades of experience in winemaking and winery management. We understand the winemaking process and how it affects wine style and quality. We listen carefully to owners and managers and assist them in defining their goals. We guide winery management and staff, and work with them to develop a strategy to achieve the desired outcomes.

Our operational advice is based on a carefully planned, integrated approach to winemaking from vineyard to bottle. We try to minimise risks and eliminate surprises. With good planning, and with Wine Network’s assistance, even the hectic vintage period can be less stressful.

We monitor all stages of maturation, blending and bottling to achieve wine in optimum condition at the time of sale. Faults in wine and other issues affecting the finished product are identified and solutions provided to ensure that the wine produced will be of the highest possible quality.

At the management level, we can provide specifications for the equipment, raw materials and skillsets required for achieving wine style and quality goals within agreed budget. We understand management reporting and can advise on record-keeping for management and statutory purposes. The Wine Network Consulting team is unique in Australasia. We have the skills, experience and commitment to give our clients a complete winemaking and winery management advisory service.