WineSense is an off-site wine evaluation and appraisal service designed by Wine Network to provide rapid and impartial feedback to wine producers and suppliers on the quality and marketability of their wines. It is ideal for, and has been used by:

Winemakers seeking preliminary assessment of show sample blends, or a last minute, independent review before bottling;
Producers looking for “a second opinion”;
Importers seeking opinions on market suitability of foreign samples;
Distributors requiring quality assessment of potential client wines;
Disputing parties seeking independent expert assessment in cases of differing wine style or quality expectations.
Samples are sent to Wine Network. Our tasting panel consists of winemakers / wine judges with proven experience, not only in making and judging wine, but also in assisting others to improve quality and marketability. We provide a practical and independent appraisal of wines, with useful feedback.

For each wine tasted, we will provide:

A rating out of 20, using the standard Australian show scoring system;
Detailed comments and tasting notes;
A price-point indication, advising producers of the panel’s view on the wine’s market position;
Constructive comments for improving the wine or rectifying any problems that we notice.
This appraisal is available at a cost similar to entry in a national wine show. Producers will receive a written response within twenty-one days and can be assured of a rigorous, independent approach to the appraisal from the WineSense panel.
All wines will be tasted blind in an open tasting under strictly controlled conditions.

To find out more about WineSense, download the Information Pack or contact Wine Network on +61 3 5962 2427

Wine Network consultants are also available to participate in on-site assessment, benchmarking, allocation, quality control, and general wine appraisal tastings, in association with the winery team.